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Great Dane challenged us to develop a new brand campaign that would separate Great Dane trailers from the pack of other plain, white boxes on wheels through visuals and storytelling that felt as premium as their products.


In response, we created Great Doesn’t Stop – a uniquely ownable campaign that reflects the values and innovation of the brand through stunning visuals and poetic copy.


Through this new brand look and feel, we’re demonstrating the tireless dedication of the industry – which is so often unseen and under-appreciated. An industry that is always working, morning, noon and night, just as Great Dane works tirelessly to help keep business running from the first mile to the last.


Iris Atlanta
Simon Candy, Executive Creative Director
Lexi Corn, Creative Director
Becca Zavorski, Copywriter
Teresa Hasala, Designer
Patrick Worley, Designer

I went to Space Camp with my dad.

Great isn’t just in our name. It’s in our DNA.

Great is our foundation, our promise.

It’s our call to action.

Great is our longstanding commitment to our customers.

And our customers’ customers, whose hard work drives us, inspires us.

It’s our dedication to quality products, innovative solutions,

and relationships that last the long haul.

It’s why we keep going, even when the world hits the brakes.

Because good is never good enough.

Great demands more, goes further.

It leads the way, answers the call.

From the first mile to the last. For the road ahead. For over a century.

We’ve worked tirelessly to live up to our name.

And we’ll keep working,

Because Great Doesn’t Stop.

More great things COMING SOON

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